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Fresh Semen

Cooled Semen for shipping: It’s easy to offer fresh semen to your breeding customers using New England Breeders Service. We guarantee semen quality before it leaves our lab. Your customers will be relieved to know they are receiving a quality product with paperwork detailing the shipment. In addition we retain a cooled sample for review at 24 hours. These details are recorded and monitored during the breeding season to assist the stallion owner and track fertility. Bottom line we are committed to providing the very best service for both you and your customer.

Fresh Semen for On-Farm use: Utilizing artificial insemination is easy and safe for both the stallion and mare. Not only is it a highly effective way to use the semen it also eliminates cross contamination between horses as seen in a live cover breeding program. We can insure your mare is inseminated with a proper dose of live motile sperm and this gives you the best chance for a successful pregnancy. Let us show you how to manage an effective On-Farm breeding program using artificial insemination.

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Additional Services:

Direct Billing Option: To make things easier for the stallion owner we can and will bill your customer directly for collection, shipping and container rentals. This is one extra step to streamline your breeding operation. Container Rental: Rent our Equitainers or purchase disposable shippers. One less thing to worry about!

Direct Shipping: We ship for you! We offer Fed Ex, UPS, DHL & USPS over night shipping. You don’t need to worry about having accounts and forms.

Artificial Insemination: We can AI your mares on-site with fresh semen collected from your stallion. The right dose at the right time! One more service to make your life easier.

Cooled Semen Testing: Ensure your stallion is a good candidate for cooled semen shipping. We test semen with various extender/antibiotic combinations to find the best option. Extended semen is cooled and tested at 12, 24, 36, 48 & 60 hours to review motility and determine the best protocol for shipping. Testing is required for first time stallions and recommended annually with at least 2 combinations. One more reason to ship with New England Breeders Service.

Morphology Evaluation: Ensure your stallion is producing healthy and normal sperm for optimal fertility rates.





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