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Answers to some of the most common questions that I receive.

What is ground collecting? Is it safe? Is there any difference in semen output from ground versus mounting?

Ground collection is when a stallion is trained to stand on 4 feet and have semen collected via an artificial vagina. Its extremely safe for the handlers and stallion. There is no documentation available that suggests you will get better or more semen from mounting versus ground collecting. In fact ground collection is so safe and easy on the stallions physically many older or injured stallions can return to breeding duty by ground collecting.


I would like to geld my stallion but would like to save semen for future use, What do you recommend?

First and foremost decide how many mares you might want to breed so you have a target number of straws to have in storage. I like to allow 3 doses per mare as a minimum. Frozen semen is a great way to preserve your future breeding program. We have many affordable options for you to consider and also accept Visa/MC or payment plans as well.










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